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Energy Certification Department

Buildings’ energy certification arose in Lusoclima as a response to the portuguese legislation referring to both Energy performance and indoor air quality buildings’certification. We manage to work not only at the range of describing the energy performance of buildings, namely defining its energy efficiency class, but also at identifying ways of improving it, allowing a better thermal comfort and a decrease in energy consumption.

This is the sphere of work in which we believe since it turned up. We are proud to say we have published Nr1 Energy Performance Certificate in Portugal, concerning the building used as the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. This Department is composed of specialized engineers, recognized as qualified experts in the different spheres of Energy and IAQ certification (RCCTE - residential buildings-, -RSECE - Energy and RSECE QAI - commercial and service buildings). We are fully enabled to issue the following works of Energy Certification:

- Statements of Regulating Conformity of RCCTE and RSECE

- Energy certificates for new buildings under RSECE

- Energy certificates for existing buildings within RCCTE and RSECE


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