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Indoor Air Quality Audits

Lusoclima offers you a variety of services in the areas of audit and consulting comprising Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). We own equipments and technology that enable us to monitor the polluting standards inside commercial buildings and building providing services, according to the Portuguese legislation.

All the equipments are carefully standardized and provided with software to discharge data and register readings of the amount of pollutants : breathable particles (PM10), carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozon, formaldehyde and total volatile organic compounds, radon, bacteria, fingi and legionella.

It´s common sense that a low quality IAQ may have negative effects in people´s performance, namely in their health and productivity. For that reason Lusoclima felt the need to achieve goals also in that area, since the inspection of pollutants is extremely important to control and guarantee the IAQ that we breath inside buildings.




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